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See more moving companies in Woodland Hills, CA D United Logistics has not registered their account and is not actively maintaining their profile. As many of the reviews here state, I was BROKERED into this company. I am planning for the worse, and have contacted an attorney to help me with all of this. I am ex military and have moved all over- I have NEVER had such an egregious company such as this. That’s saying something as the military goes with the cheapest out there. I can’t imagine how my belongings will look if I ever receive them.

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  • The World’s Leader in Logistics Real Estate Prologis provides efficient logistics real estate solutions to the world.
  • Fred Marti is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference.
  • 66% of United Logistic Solutions employees would recommend working there to a friend based on Glassdoor reviews.
  • They were a day late without calling to inform me they would be late.
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I have seen this person tear a strip off visiting personal, who are not even employed by United Worldwide Logistics. You can be there one day and gone the next! If you want job security think very carefully before accepting a job at United Worldwide Logistics. You could be out of work with no notice at all. Driver https://www.reviewcentre.com/postal_and_delivery_services/uss_express_llc_-_wwwuss-expresscom-reviews_14194834 at pick up was alone, unprofessional and bragged about being ground zero for Covid two years ago and showing us obscene pictures of buckets of blood that he vomited. Demanded cash because his gas card and tools were on the broken down truck. Zero contact from this company of the whereabout of our house hold good.

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The company culture is very unpleasant and unprofessional. There is a very condescending attitude from everyone in the office. They can’t and will not supply you with the equipment/tools needed to do your job. Regularly asked work on tasks https://www.reviewcentre.com/postal_and_delivery_services/uss_express_llc_-_wwwuss-expresscom-reviews_14194834 in unsafe and hazardous conditions. There’s no communication or direction from management. Constantly asked to do another person’s job because they are too lazy to do it themselves. I’d suggest looking elsewhere for a employment.

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Our aim is to be the chosen provider in transportation across North America. Worrying how to shift your belongings to your new destination across the USA? D United Logistics is an experienced moving company that is well-versed in packaging, loading and unloading services. The skilled professionals use the uss express working days finest quality materials and supplies. It also provides online cargo tracking to track where your possessions are during transit. At first they make you feel welcome, some of the management are very nice and friendly. But there is ONE particular member of the management that treats people very badly.

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They are contracted out from four paws moving. Through out all of this the only person giving us any information is a employee from four paws and even she has challenges getting ahold of anyone. It now has been over a month since they have picked up our home goods. I really wish it would uss-express.com review let me do negative starts. The World’s Leader in Logistics Real Estate Prologis provides efficient logistics real estate solutions to the world. In partnership with top manufacturing and distribution companies, we ensure timely delivery of the products that make modern life possible.

united logistics company reviews

I had 10 transpacific and transatlantic moves in the Navy, moved myself from Florida to Arkansas and Arkansas to Nevada http://www.logisticsinc.com/ with no lost or broken items. These folks have no business moving anyone’s property and in my opinion are crooks.